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Floor Care

One of the most beautiful choices in flooring is having hardwood floors. They give your rooms character and warmth and they complement almost any decor. With proper care and maintenance these floors will outlast other types of floor coverings.


If you observe these simple suggestions, your floors will look beautiful and they'll be easier to care for.

  • Vacuum regularly, as often as you would carpets, a brush attachment works beautifully; sweep or use a dust mop daily or as needed.  Don’t use household dust treatment or cleaning chemicals as this may cause your floor to become slick or dull the finish. Heels that have worn down or lost their protective cap(s), exposing the steel support rod in the heel, will dent the floor surface.
  • Wipe up spills promptly with a dry cloth or paper towel.  Use a slightly dampened cloth for sticky spills.
  • For general cleaning, add ½ cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water.  Dip a clean cloth or sponge mop and WRING NEARLY DRY.  CLEAN FLOOR AND WIPE DRY WITH A TOWEL AS YOU GO.
  • Put fabric-faced glides on the legs of your furniture. This will allow the furniture to move easily without scuffing the floor.  Clean the glides regularly since grit can become embedded in the glides.
  • Grit and sand is any flooring’s worst enemy.  Use mats at all exterior doors to help prevent dirt, grit and sand from getting inside the house.  Place a rug in front of the KITCHEN SINK to catch spills and splashes.
  • Sunlight can cause discoloration over time. Close curtains and blinds or add sheer drapes to protect a hardwood floor from intense UV rays.

Kitchen floors should be coated once a year depending on the activeness of your household.  This takes 1 working day and is worth the cost to keep your floor looking great.